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About VYAZ   Vision & Mission

Founded in 2007, VYAZ was established with the purpose of charting a new direction in the way teaching and training should be conducted by maximizing the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

VYAZ brings its expertise in the field of Interactive Voting System (IVS), for all forms of learning and training environment, whether corporate, higher learning institutions or schools and kindergartens.

VYAZ IVS, the latest wireless interactive system, is user-friendly and yet cost-effective. It will stimulate greater creativity and fun while engaging your audience and adding life to the session.

With the current drive in ICT applications, VYAZ, as your preferred partner, will provide value to your business and profession.

Our Vision

We aim to create a Paradigm Shift In Education Excellence by being a leading Interactive Voting System provider. We connect people via Innovation......

Our Mission

Being innovative and adding value to our customers, we provide an individualized approach by stimulating creativity and fun to improve performance just by a single touch through our VYAZ IVS, which enhances training and learning through greater interaction.

Our commitment is to ensure that our customers will be highly satisfied with our products and services and continuously partner with us due to our excellent track record and reliability.

What is VYAZ Interactive Voting System (VYAZ IVS)?

VYAZ IVS comprises of a simple combination of hardware equipments and software that allows greater engagement and interaction among the audience in meetings, classrooms or other group settings.

The hardware system works on a Radio Frequency (RF) or Infra Red (IR).

Why Vyaz Interactive Voting Systems (VYAZ IVS)?

We cater to all your needs by providing both sales and rental of the VYAZ Interactive
     Voting System (VYAZ IVS)

We have a series of interactive systems that allow us to customize any of our systems
     based on your preference and budget.