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Corporate Organisations and Training Centres

Currently many presentations and training sessions are still using the traditional approach, which is the “ONE-WAY” presentation that does not stimulate audience feedback. These sessions could be extremely monotonous and boring as it focuses on “Transfer of Information” without evaluating participant understanding.

Current feedback mechanisms don’t provide in-depth response from participants on the training session, leaving the trainer unaware if his whole training session was indeed beneficial. Trainers are also unable to evaluate their presentation and training skills.

Most participants also do not have the courage to go and seek more information on the training that has been conducted unless they are forced to do so due to compulsory examinations or accreditation requirements.

The reason for the lack of courage is that many participants are shy to ask questions in public fearing that the questions they ask could be deemed as foolish or elementary. This situation leads to participants leaving the training session with many unanswered doubts and questions in their minds. The trainers or presenters are also unaware because they are not being consulted as well.

Many corporate organizations spending huge amounts of money for staff training are also unable to gauge the outcome of the training session, let alone the Return on Investment (ROI) that is expected.

VYAZ Interactive Voting System (IVS) provides the solution for the above challenges faced by trainers, participants and corporate organizations.

It is an excellent tool that helps presenters and trainers to transform a monotonous one-way presentation into an active 2-way presentation. It also stimulates creativity among presenters in making their presentations exciting and filled with fun and entertainment.

VYAZ IVS also provides a platform for a more engaging and interactive participation. VYAZ IVS ensures none of your participants are left out, including introverts and those who are shy.

Presenters can monitor participant progress and reinforce the understanding of the subject matter in the minds of the audience. Added focus and attention leads to active learning and these leads to higher memory retention of key messages and points of the subject being discussed.

The many applications of VYAZ IVS

VYAZ IVS is a very user-friendly system which can be applied for different situations. It caters to various clients.

It can be used in any form of training session, indoor or outdoor. It is very light, and for an outdoor session, all we need will be a VYAZ IVS set, a computer and a flat wall.

VYAZ IVS can be used for any form of corporate presentations from any industry such as pharmaceuticals, engineering, IT etc.

VYAZ IVS can further enhance the following activities:

Seminars and conferences
Case Studies and workshops
Training and assessments
Public opinion polls
Market Research and field surveys
Round Table and focus group discussions
Team building exercises

Brainstorming sessions
Motivational talks
IQ testing and psychometric evaluation
NGO and Society elections
Council voting and AGMs
How VYAZ IVS works in a corporate presentation setting:

The presenter presents in power point.
Each participant is provided an interactive voting pad that is tagged and numbered to their name.
When questions are flashed, the software timer will be activated and participants can start answering within the given time.
Responses will automatically be collated and graphically displayed on the screen in real-time for both the presenter and the participants
     to view.
This allows the presenter to be able to immediately discuss on the outcome of the responses with the participants and clarify any ambiguities.
Only the presenter can decide on flashing individual responses.
Data collected by the VYAZ system will allow presenters to immediately identify under- performing participants, recognize the gaps and refocus
     on the difficult sections of the presentation before moving on.
VYAZ IVS provides an opportunity for presenters to save time and costs in ensuring that their participants are thoroughly prepared to excel in
     their assessments or accreditation.
Our Value added services also include:

We conduct a full-fledged training to ensure presenters and trainers will be able to use the system thoroughly and maximize on the applications
Role of VYAZ IVS in corporate training and presentation:

Revolutionizing training and presentation methods -Paradigm Shift in presentation methods to stimulate active learning.
Novel approach in training and presentation methodology.
Creating a more hands-on approach in ICT application for participants.
Enhancing productivity, efficiency and effectiveness in training and presentation skills.
Allowing team building activities and activity based learning.
VYAZ IVS encourages a "GREENER" paperless approach, reducing cost of printed papers.
Benefits of VYAZ IVS for professional trainers:

Clear differentiation of your training approach vs other traditional non-ICT savvy trainers.
Increases your training effectiveness by creating a very interactive audience.
Increases the value proposition of your training among participants.
Presentatations and assessments can be done simultaneously.
Trainers will know the level of engagement of participants based on their response.
Through VYAZ IVS' immediate feedback system, trainers will have insights on the level of participant understanding of the specific topics being
The software provides a report of individual and team performance based on the results.
Trainers will be able to monitor each participant's development towards achieving excellence.
The outcome data can be presented to the higher management.
Benefits of VYAZ IVS for presenters at meetings and conferences:

Ensures a longer span of focus and attention among the audience due to greater 2-way interaction.
Clear differentiation of your presentation approach vs other conventional presenters.
Increases your training effectiveness by creating a very interactive audience.
Stimulates a fun and highly entertaining environment whilst active information is shared.
VYAZ IVS creates a platform for the audience to provide background information and feedback prior to the start of presentation.
Allows data gathering on audience demographics and expectations.
Easy data gathering on participants and advisory board members' opinion and feedback during focus group discussion and advisory board
Immediate response from any number of the audience within seconds.
Valuable data collected at these meetings can be used for analaysis and reporting.