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Higher Education

According to Roger Lowery of the University of North Carolina, Interactive Voting System (IVS) are an evolving in-class-student-polling technology designed to create an engaging and inviting learning environment that will maximize active learning, especially in large-enrollment lectures.

VYAZ IVS provides a platform to transform a normal PowerPoint lecture into a highly fun and interactive learning experience that stimulates students' active engagement. Lecturers can display various formats using VYAZ IVS to engage with their students, such as quizzes, team building activities, market research, surveys, games and opinion polls. This allows every student to participate in a lecture theatre by responding and transmitting data immediately back to the lecturer.

Lecturers can also use VYAZ IVS to monitor class attendance, stimulate 2-way interaction, evaluate student learning retention and even conduct tests.

There is flexibility for university lecturers to use their preferred delivery methods, including verbal, paper, LCD projectors, blackboards, whiteboards, internet and web sites, while using VYAZ IVS.

VYAZ IVS is an excellent support tool for lecturers in higher education:

Student attendance can be taken using the IVS system, in less than a minute identifying those present and absent.
This is possible as each student has an Interactive Voting Pad that is tagged and numbered to their name.
The lecturer presents the subject in a power-point presentation.
When questions or opinions are flashed, a timer is activated immediately and students have to answer within the time frame.
The classroom responses are collated and graphically displayed on the screen in real-time for all to view.
This allows lecturers to immediately discuss the response outcome with the students.
Individual responses will only be flashed based on the lecturers preference.
Lecturers will be able to identify students with difficulties on a subject immediately, based on their response.
The lecturers will then be able to organize tutorials for the weak students to ensure that they fully understand the subject matter prior to sitting
     for their mid-semester exams and their finals.
VYAZ IVS provides an opportunity for lecturers and professors to save time and costs to ensure that each student is thoroughly prepared
     before sitting for their examinations.
Our Value added services also include:

We conduct a full-fledged training to ensure lecturers and professors are able to apply the system for maximum benefits.
Benefits of VYAZ IVS to colleges and universities:

Revolutionizing education – Paradigm Shift in higher education learning
Novel approach in lecturing methodology
Creating a higher exposure in ICT application through hands-on approach
Enhancing productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of the education management system
Providing opportunity for team building activities, polling and activity based learning
VYAZ IVS creates a “GREENER” environment as it has a paperless approach, thus reducing cost of printed notes and examinations for
Benefits of VYAZ IVS for the students:

Shift from memory-based learning towards rapid mind stimulation encouraging quick thought process within a time frame.
Higher student engagement and interactivity leading to more active learning.
Creates greater motivation for student preparation prior to lecture.
Longer span of memory retention through extended focus.
Students can evaluate their own level of understanding & retentive power of a subject immediately.
Instilling confidence among all students (including shy and introvert students) to involve all students to participate.
Removing the fear of embarrassment and making mistakes in front of others.
Students will be more enthusiastic using VYAZ IVS and motivated in answering questions by paying more attention to the lecture.
Students will have an hands-on experience in using more ICT tools at school.
A more competitive, fun and dynamic environment will create a greater enthusiasm to participate and excel in their lectures.
Benefits of VYAZ IVS for the teachers:

Improve class attendance and student participation.
Provides lecturers insights on student understanding and comprehension of a particular subject through immediate feedback.
Lecturers could immediately focus on a specific section of a subject based on the quiz results after using VYAZ IVS.
Since VYAZ IVS allows voting pads to be tagged to the students, individual results can be tracked and recorded.
Lecturers could easily know if all students have responded and evaluate the level of student engagement.
Lecturers could initiate discussions and debates based on student response.
Lecturers will be able to identify less performing students and coach them since all the reports are immediate.
Lecturers would also be able to monitor regularly their students progress.
As the system works on a power point platform, lecturers can prepare questions with ease in any computers.
VYAZ IVS saves time as the grading is auto calculated and does not require any manual marking reducing lecturers workload.
Lecturers would also be able to evaluate their lecturing methods, identify the gaps and improving their delivery skills based on total classroom
VYAZ IVS allows the results to be exported to excel for data storing and student monitoring.