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Primary & Secondary Schools

Research studies have highlighted that the use of the Interactive Voting System has provided a novel approach in the way students are taught in schools. By capitalizing on the existing Information Communication Technology (ICT) tools that we have in schools, the IVS system further adds value by creating a fun-filled environment with lots of excitement and enthusiasm among students.

VYAZ Interactive Voting System (IVS) serves as an excellent tool in creating a Paradigm Shift In Education Excellence by providing a 2-way interactive approach in learning.

Besides providing an opportunity for students to themselves with ICT tools, VYAZ IVS ensures that "No Child is Left Out" and all students in the classroom participates.

There is flexibility for teachers to use their preferred delivery method, including verbal, paper, LCD projectors, blackboards, whiteboards, internet and web sites, while using VYAZ IVS.

How VYAZ IVS works in a classroom setting:

The teacher makes the subject in a power point presentation.
Each student is provided an Interactive Voting Pad that is tagged and numbered to their name.
When the questions are flashed, a timer is activated immediately and students have to answer within the time frame given.
The classroom responses are collated and graphically displayed on the screen in real-time for all to view.
The teacher will be able to immediately discuss the outcome of the answers with the students.
Individual responses will only be flashed if the teacher chooses to do so.
The data collected will enable teachers to identify under performing students immediately; clarify all issues and ensure that they thoroughly
     understand the subject matter before moving on.
Teachers can organize extra classes for these students to cover the gaps quickly rather than wait for monthly or final exams to
     evaluate the students.
VYAZ IVS provides an opportunity for educationists and teachers to save time and costs and ensure that every student is thoroughly
     prepared for academic excellence.
Our Value added services also include:

We can prepare objective question modules based on the Malaysian education curriculum system.
These question modules will be written by experienced and qualified Malaysian teachers who truly understand the subject matter.
The slide questions will come with various animation, music and pictures to further captivate students’ attention.
We will also conduct full-fledged training to ensure teachers will be able to use the system thoroughly and maximize on the applications.
Benefits of VYAZ IVS to the educationist:

Revolutionizing education – Paradigm Shift in Education methods.
Novel approach in teaching methodology.
Creating a more hands-on approach in ICT application.
Enhancing productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of the education management system.
Allowing team building activities and activity-based learning.
VYAZ IVS allows a paperless environment, reducing costs of printed exam papers in schools.
Benefits of VYAZ IVS for students:

Shift from memory-based learning towards rapid mind stimulation.
Longer span of memory retention through extended focus.
Students can evaluate their own understanding & retentive power of a subject immediately.
Empowering higher participation and interactivity among students.
Instilling confidence among all students (including shy and introvert students) and ensuring "Nobody is Left Out".
Students will be more enthusiastic using VYAZ IVS and will be motivated in answering questions by paying more attention to the subject taught.
Students will have hands-on experience in using more ICT tools in school.
Benefits of VYAZ IVS for teachers:

Offers teachers insights on students grasp and understand a particular subject, through immediate feedback.
Teachers can immediately focus on a specific section of a subject based on the quiz results after using VYAZ IVS.
Since VYAZ IVS allows voting pads to be tagged to the students, individual results can be tracked and recorded.
Teachers can easily know if all students have answered the questions and evaluate if the level of classroom participation has increased.
Since all the reports can be immediately obtained, teachers will be able to identify Slower Students and coach them.
As the system works on a power-point platform, teachers can prepare the questions with ease on any computers.
VYAZ IVS saves time as the grading is immediate and does not require any marking; besides all the marks are immediately collated, thus
     reducing the workload of teachers.
Teachers could also evaluate their teaching methods, identify the gaps and improve their delivery skills based on total classroom response.
VYAZ IVS allows the results to be exported to excel for data storing and student monitoring.