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VYAZ IVS Software System

VYAZ Interactive Voting System (IVS) uses a PowerPoint plug-in to run the system. The power point software is currently available in all Microsoft office based computers. VYAZ IVS is compatible with Microsoft 1997 system right up to the latest Microsoft Windows 7. This ensures that all users will be able to use it since PowerPoint is familiar to many people.

Presenters have the opportunity to change the layout or background, insert any form of animations, hyperlink or video.

VYAZ IVS also provides a powerful grading system that allows presenters to edit and review the timing and marks for each question, question weight age as well as percentage grade reports.

The system allows the data collected from MS power point to be exported with ease to the MS Excel system to ensure better reporting of individual grades to standard report cards and online student management systems.

VYAZ IVS software has 4 programs:

i. Quiz Master - To edit questions and conduct quizzes or games.

ii. Setting and Query - To test the hardware, set audience remote ID number, record particulars of the audience (class) and the active records (reports).

iii & iv. Exam Paper Editor and Standard Exam - Used for self-paced multiple-choice examinations.

i.) Quiz Master

- Question Editor allows the presenter to set the marks, right answers, and the relevant activity modes. The quizmaster has several question modes: normal quiz, rush quiz, elimination, vote, inquiry, and grade. This makes the sessions fun and colorful. The activity models can also be used in conferences as well as game shows and entertainment functions.

- Question template design. It enables presenters to edit their individualized questions.

- Quiz Genius. It is used to control 10 interactive activities:

Normal Quiz
Rush Quiz
Ad-lib Quiz
Roll Call

The software has features which include:
Question presentation
Starting or stopping a quiz
Answer collection
Auto marking
Real-time results Display
Score board display

ii.) System setting and Query

This program has three key functions:

- Class management
- Report management
- System management

It allows the presenter to make changes and edit the variables that are included in the program

Class Information edit
Student information edit
Instructor/Presenter information edit
Subject information edit
Hardware testing
System parameter setting
Data-base management
Remote ID Setup
Report consulting
More than 10 kinds of reports about the activities
Report export (print or send)
Various report formats available: Pdf, Excel & histogram charts

iii & iv.) Standard Exam & Exam Editor

These two programs are used for self-paced examinations/survey and standardized information gathering, i.e. the audiences can answer questions selected by themselves synchronously. The examiner would have to get the questions written on the blackboard or printed on paper. The Exam Editor is used to edit the questions, and to set scores, choices and the contents of questions. The Standard Exam is used to gather response information and analyze the data.

VYAZ IVS Software comes with the following features:

Plug-in software of MS PowerPoint, which is very familiar to almost all presenters. It is easy to learn and easy to use.
Multi- Media computer test question-and-result screens, you can add pictures or audio files or even movies as you like.
10 kinds of activity-models to enrich teaching and presentation.
Professional statistics analysis engine, automatically produce 10 kinds of reports tracking and recording the process of the activities.
Prompt diagnosis of teaching effectiveness to improve the teaching process.
Support self-paced answering.
Flexible data transformation. Analysis results can be presented in html and txt formats.